Stitch Spaghetti

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Stitch Spaghetti is a set of stretchy, rubber tubes that you can use to try on an active project. They can stretch over the tips of needles sized 1-15, and come with multiple lengths for different sizes of projects. 

Sets come with four cords, one each of:

5”, 25”, 30”, and 75”

Sets will be labeled with what color corresponds to each length. 

How do they work?

  • Stretch the cord onto your needle tips and transfer stitches carefully onto the cord, tie off to try on the project being careful not to knot too tightly, or put too much pressure on the cord or knot.
  • Stretch the cord onto your needle tips and use it to spread your stitches around to get more space to try on your project, without fully transferring the project. This is how I use them, but does require extra caution to make sure you don’t pull the cord off the needle tips as you try it on. 
  • Hold stitches for a segment of a project that would get put onto scrap yarn, or to take a project off of the needles to use them for another project. Place it over the needle tips and carefully transfer the stitches you want held. To keep your stitches from falling off, store carefully or tie the ends together. Leaving a knot in long term may damage the cord.
  • Cords can be easily cut with sharp scissors to a smaller size if needed.