Manatee Needle Felting Kit

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Did you know the manatee’s flippers have a bone structure similar to human hands? Unfortunately, they would have a difficult time needle felting with theirs!

This is an intermediate project due to the shaping around the flippers, tail, and snout. It would be suitable for someone who has already taken a felting class, completed a felting kit, or an adventurous beginner that wants a bit of a challenge!

Kit Includes: 

- Hand dyed Texel wool from here on Watts Farm

- Additional hand dyed wool colors for details such as eyes and snout

- Detailed instructions on how to create the manatee

- Yarn to use as a base for the manatee body

- Foam block to felt on

- Felting needles

Felting kits recommended for ages 16+ due to the sharp tips of the felting needles.

If you have any questions while creating the manatee from the kit, or need any assistance, feel free to email me at for help.