Fangorn Sock Set

Fangorn Sock Set

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An earthy green full skein paired with a coordinating 20g mini skein in a chocolate brown.  

Pictured on 4-Ply Sock Yarn

Disclaimer: As these yarns are dyed by hand in small batches, there will be variation between individual skeins and dye lots. If you are ordering multiple for a single project please contact me before placing your order to make sure I have enough of the same dye lot available, if not I can custom dye a larger batch for you. When using hand-dyed yarn I also recommend alternating the two for a few rows for a smoother transition between skeins.


  • 2-Ply Sock Yarn, 80/20 Blend of Superwash Merino Wool and Nylon, 400 yards/100g, Mini is 80 yards/20g.This base has a looser twist and is a bit softer than the 4-Ply Sock Yarn.
  • 4-Ply Sock Yarn, 75/25 Blend of Superwas Merino Wool and Nylon, 463 yards/100g, Mini is 92 yards/20g. This base has a smoother, tighter twist than the 2-Ply Sock Yarn.

Bases will accept the dyes differently, so depending on the base it may be darker or lighter than pictured. The 4-Ply often comes out a little bit lighter than the 2-Ply, and the Slub yarn typically comes out darker than the other bases. Bronze Glitter has less visible sparkle than the Gold Glitter, and colors typically come out lighter than the Gold Glitter. Colors dyed on Funfetti come out more subdued.